My Diet

From time to time I get e-mails with questions about my diet. I added this page to my blog, to describe what I eat usually. This is only an example diet and it should be diversified so it wasn't too monotonous.

If you read all four chapters of my blog, you know that the most important thing in my diet is to eliminate gluten (mainly bread and wheat flour based) and dairy products and focus on foods with a low glycemic index (that apparently reduced my oily skin during the day).

Boiled eggs, scrambled eggs
Fried sausages
Rice bread
Cooked chicken breast
Other meat dishes
Vegetables and fruits

Soups (except those thickened with flour)
All meat and fishes
Potatoes and french fries
Rice (best is brown, white is indeed a high glycemic index, but have to eat something :)

Tuna salad with corn
Rice bread
Meat, sausages
Vegetables and fruits

My observations also shows that it is worth to give up soft drinks (with sugar), alcohol (also sugars, whereas some may contain gluten), smoking - perhaps you have observed that a few days after the event the symptoms of acne on your face exacerbates.

In addition, I have blood type "0", and as literature mentions, for this group of blood meat diet is adequate, which also confirms my case :)

Because withstanding the rigorous diet is almost impossible, I think that the best way to cure acne is strict compliance with the diet for few weeks / months, and then afford some exceptions from time to time.

Remember: You should always consult your doctor or dietician before starting any diet.